Photos of Swan Harbor Farm Vineyard Restoration Groundbreaking August 29, 2000--Part One

The groundbreakers celebrate

A little more formal. County Executive Jim Harkins 3rd from left

Henry "Bud" Virts, DVM, Secretary, Maryland Department of Agriculture, with Rose Fiore

Delegate JoAnn Parrott, Harford County Councilwoman Ceil Stepp, Delegate Chuck Bouton

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Monticello's Underground Areas
Monticello's Grapes
Monticello's Gardens
Jefferson's Grave

Swan Harbor Vineyard Groundbreaking Part One
Swan Harbor Vineyard Groundbreaking Part Two

The Fiores speak to the crowd

Mike Fiore

Joe Pfaff, Director, Harford County Department of Parks and Recreation

Ceil Stepp, Rose Fiore, JoAnn Parrott

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